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The Vanier Residence, located in the east end of Laval, offers independent retirement homes and enjoys an excellent reputation that dates back to 1990. But with the increasing demand for high quality and first-class residences for retirees, it was time to modernize. That’s exactly what’s going on. The apartments themselves are now very luxurious and have large wardrobes, a double locker at the entrance and a larger laundry room than previously available. This style is modern and seduced by its use of quilts and its modern atmosphere. More than $ 1.5 million has been spent on renovations, which will have taken a year to complete, with particular attention paid to local contractors.

What's around

To make the Vanier home even more interesting and attractive as an independent retiree, the lifestyle choice is its location with a long list of activities within 2KM such as La Relance (a recreation group for seniors and seniors). retirees), APARL (an association for seniors in Laval), selection of groceries, petanque clubs, Kinzo and bingo options, several pharmacies, banks and much more, all within easy walking distance.


Seniors and retirees provide a hassle-free daily life with headaches, laundry, hot water and cable TV, ensuring residents enjoy comfort in their living spaces. Security is taken very seriously with surveillance cameras and controlled access entrances that protect residents in their own private apartment. Professionals have soundproofed all the walls of the four-storey building to facilitate the rapprochement of neighborhood relations. The Vanier residence is accessible by the Pie IX bridge and the 440 motorway.