Vous y trouverez une tonne d’informations utiles pour planifier et profiter de votre retraite. La Résidence Vanier est plus qu’une simple habitation, c’est un mode de vie. Nous offrons une variété d’activités idéales pour les retraités de notre communauté. Ce blog aura pour objectif de vous faire découvrir tout ce qui vous attend en rejoignant notre grande famille.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your golden years surrounded by others rather than alone in a cramped apartment, condo or house, far away from fellow retirees?  Use your mind’s eye to envision yourself enjoying an active and stimulating life with an array of friends.  This scenario is possible right here in Laval Quebec.

Comfortable Living for Retirees and Pre-retirees

There is no sense trying to maintain your own home and living alone when you can enjoy carefree living in the company of others at our retirement home.  We provide retirees and pre-retirees with the opportunity to enjoy autonomous living.  The Vanier Residence is far from a depressing assisted living facility.  This is vibrant community-oriented living that provides you with the opportunity to regularly mingle with others, stay active and ultimately get the most out of life.

Amenities for Truly Enjoyable Living

You worked hard in your youth so you deserve every amenity possible.  The Vanier Residence provides a litany of niceties ranging from newly-renovated living spaces including spacious closets to double lockers at entrances, cable TV, laundry and so much more.  This is the beautiful, peaceful and completely safe living space you have been dreaming of.  Our retirement home is also within a short walk/drive of additional amenities and important sites ranging from cafes to restaurants, grocery stores, banks and pharmacies.

The Secure Living Space You Have Been Looking For

Retirees and pre-retirees should not have to spend a single second worrying about their safety.  The Vanier Residence is as safe as it gets.  Our retirement home features surveillance cameras for ongoing monitoring of potential threats along with controlled access entrances that ensure resident safety in private apartments.

Peaceful Living in Your Golden Years

Our four-story concrete building keeps the noise to a minimum so you can sleep soundly.  You will be hard-pressed to find better soundproofing than that available at our retirement home.  Even if your neighbor plays music or watches an action movie, the noise won’t interfere with your quality of living.  Each of our 162 units has top-notch soundproofing that provides a truly enjoyable sense of peace.

Social Living

Nowadays, it seems as though everyone is staring into a screen and consequently quite lonely.  Opt for social living at the Vanier Residence and you will be provided with a common place, spacious balconies and other opportunities to socialize with others.  If you are more activity-oriented, you will have plenty of opportunities to interact with others while playing games, participating in sports, singing, dancing and making art.  In fact, our retirement home even provides opportunities for social living at our indoor pool, sauna, billiard room and theater.  Attend a get-together at the activity hall and you are sure to make a new friend or several new friends who keep you mentally and socially stimulated in the months and years to come, ultimately helping you get the most out of life in your golden years.

The Warm and Inviting Atmosphere You Have Been Looking For

It is perfectly natural to want to be in the presence of others.  Though plenty of people now resort to screens of varying sorts when away from family and work responsibilities, there is an emerging sentiment that human interaction is much more important screen-based entertainment.  It is time to put down those smartphones and reactivate your social life.  The Vanier Residence makes social interactions easy.  Between shared kitchens, art workshops, activity halls and outdoor terraces, there are seemingly countless opportunities to enjoy the company of others.

Contact us Today to Visit the Vanier Residence

You have the opportunity to check out our retirement home for yourself.  Reach out to us today to schedule a tour and you will be more than happy with what you find. Our retirement home is active, uplifting and comfortable in all regards.  Contact us today at 450-238-0188 to schedule a tour of the Vanier Residence.

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