Vous y trouverez une tonne d’informations utiles pour planifier et profiter de votre retraite. La Résidence Vanier est plus qu’une simple habitation, c’est un mode de vie. Nous offrons une variété d’activités idéales pour les retraités de notre communauté. Ce blog aura pour objectif de vous faire découvrir tout ce qui vous attend en rejoignant notre grande famille.

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Although many seniors can live the way they always have well into old age, what happens when it simply becomes too daunting or expensive? Many seniors don’t require the level of care a nursing home provides but do find they need or want assistance with everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and home care. A private residence for independent seniors offers a terrific middle ground between struggling on one’s own and moving in with adult children or into a nursing home.

What Makes a Private Residence for Seniors Different?

A private residence for seniors isn’t a nursing home. Moving to one isn’t the same thing as simply moving someplace smaller or easier to maintain either. It’s an entirely new way of living that offers older adults the best of everything they’re looking for.

Residents still have their independence and the freedom to make their own choices, just as they would in a home of their own. However, they also provide security, assistance, and helpful conveniences that make life easier, simpler, safer, and more enriching. Private residences offer ongoing access to enriching activities and social opportunities as well.

What Are the Benefits of Moving to a Private Residence for Seniors?

No two people are exactly alike and neither are any two sets of reasons for making the move to a private residence. However, the following are just a few of the key benefits that make private housing options like Résidence Vanier attractive to energetic, independent seniors.

Peace of Mind

Independent people naturally want to be able to come and go as they please without restriction, but safety is important as well. Private residences simply add 24/7 security and available staff to the mix. You continue to enjoy your freedom, but both you and your family can rest easy in the knowledge that help is available should you ever need it.

Freedom from Chores

Even if taking care of your home has always been a pleasure, certain chores can become difficult to handle yourself as you get older. However, simply paying someone to do them for you can be prohibitively expensive. Private residences for seniors come complete with access to beautiful outdoor areas you don’t need to maintain yourself. Many also offer additional solutions to assist with laundry, housekeeping, and similar tasks if needed or desired.

Social Connection

Isolation and loneliness can be very real issues for seniors as maintaining an active social life becomes more challenging. Private residences for seniors typically come complete with plentiful social opportunities that make it easy to meet and socialize with other residents, as well as engage with people interested in the same things you are. Examples include clubs, classes, workshops, entertainment events, and more.

Experience the Résidence Vanier Difference

There are plenty of private residences for seniors out there, but there’s only one Résidence Vanier. It’s located in beautiful Laval, so you’ll enjoy easy access to nearby local amenities and conveniences like grocery stores, pharmacies, bus stops, and restaurants. The apartments themselves are beautiful as well – spacious, quiet, and newly renovated to perfection.

The living environment at Résidence Vanier is stimulating, inviting, and appealing – perfect for independent seniors who wish to continue living life to the absolute fullest. You’ll enjoy numerous opportunities to stay busy, engaged, and social. Whether you’re into sports, art, theater, or reading, there’s something on the calendar at Résidence Vanier just for you! On-site amenities like a shared kitchen, a sauna, a hairdresser, a pool, and more keep life simple and comfortable as well.

Get in touch today for more information on whether Résidence Vanier is the right living solution for your needs! You’ll love the way your new living space makes you feel about life.


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